Sunday, 27 November 2011


This website is shit. True story. 

So we're (Steven Walker you genius you) building a fucking new one and it's going to be awesome.

This will be the last post ever on this site.

So The Trip DJ set down at The Barrels on 17th Dec will also class as our new website launch. Come along, it'll be a grand ol' time.

See you in the future.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Roy's Iron DNA - Aliens E.P.

Roy's Iron DNA - The Aliens E.P. by Travelled music

At last! Roy's Iron DNA return, with the Aliens E.P. And quite frankly it's fucking amazing. If you seen them live at one of their few shows over the summer you'll recognise the original mix from their set. 

If that's not enough for you, there's 4 remixes to go with it. One from Scottish electronica pioneers Keser (Alextronic Records), and another from Canadian outfit Dave Foster aka Huren (ex Junior Boys). 

Check the E.P. out on Travelled Music's sound cloud. Check out RIDNA launching the E.P. this saturday at The Electric Circus in Edinburgh. I shall see you there, I can't wait.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Espionage Of The Loc at Glasgow King Tut's

This was written by one of our contributors for The Berwick Advertiser. The dickheads didn't print it. There was some stupid shit in it's place. So here it is...

Turns out they did print it. Just a week late...

I couldn't write this review without telling you all about the amazing value of the full package for anyone going up to Glasgow on the bus. £12 for entry to the gig, bus there and back and a copy of Espionage Of The Loc's newest and best recording to date, the It's All To Come E.P. Amazing. Mind blowing. Even without the gig entry you could've had a good night... But all those who missed the gig, missed out on a pretty special occasion it must be said.

Espionage were supposed to be on first, but when Farewell Singapore turned up and had barely sold a single ticket it simply wouldn't be fair on the Berwickers for that still to be the case. So, promoted to second support act, the nights off to a good start for the boys. Farewell Singapore come on, look and sound like Paramore for a bit. Then go off...

Enter Espionage Of The Loc. Their usual friendly banter that seems to be so much more appreciated up there. Maybe the Glaswegians aren't used to it? The place definitely lifted as soon as EOTL took to the stage anyway. Title track from the new E.P. 'It's All To Come' is first. Straight away you can see they're on form and have obviously stuck to their two (at a time) pint rule...

The brilliant 'As The Sun Rises' and 'The Chase' follow. Those in the crowd that are hearing the songs for the first time seem to be dancing and enjoying it as much as the troop of support that arrived from Berwick. It's interesting to see the reaction from these people who have never seen the band before. It all seems to be positive, and Brendan and Co. are really feeding off that and getting more & more into it as the set goes on. Even the security stage side is tapping his feet and bobbing his head. In my many, many years of going to gigs (no more than five...) I'd always say that's a good sign.

At this point, the new and fifth member of the band, Ali Carruthers, jumps on stage. It's only her and the rest of the bands second gig as a five piece, but you'd never notice. So with the addition of sax and keys, there's a whole new layer of sound for the last four songs. 'Cool Dance Man' speeds up the pace and then 'Something Else' brings it back down but really shows the level of musicianship these lot are capable of. It's not all just fun and games you know... We're even treated to some top notch shape throwing from Brendan, Xennon and Liam during penultimate track 'Carrys Her'. There are comedic style boos and sighs as Brendan announces they've only got one song left. As comedic as they sound, it's pretty obvious the crown don't actually want them to leave. 'A Place I Don't Want To Be' wraps up the set perfectly, and the five vacate the stage, allowing Sonic Boom Six to finish the night.

It turned out Espionage only sold five less tickets than the headliners before the night. A successful trip then, lets hope something similar happens in the not too distant future...

A stunning time-lapse of Iceland’s nightless summer

Midnight Sun | Iceland from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

What you're seeing here is the photographic time-lapse of the Arctic summer as photographed in Iceland this past June.
During this period, the sun never entirely sets, leaving the northern climes in a state of hazy golden weirdness in the day's wee hours. Explains the photographer at SCIENTIFANTASTIC:
"Iceland during the Midnight Sun is in sort of a permanent state of sunset. The sun never full sets and travels horizontally across the horizon throughout the night, as can be seen in the opening shot and at the :51 second mark in the video.
During the Arctic summer, sunset was at midnight and sunrise was at 3am. The Arctic summer sun provided 24 hours a day of light, with as much as 6 hours daily of "Golden light". Once the sun had set it wouldn't even get dark enough for the stars to come out, and they don't start to reappear until August."
Check out this time-lapse of the days leading up to the Midnight Sun in Norway too.


Monday, 31 October 2011

Friday, 28 October 2011


Remember the 7th April 2011? We do, it was the day The Trip magazine predicted The Stone Roses reunion... check for yourself then.

So now, we are happy to announce that Noel Gallagher will 100%, for sure, definitely (maybe), be supporting The Stone Roses at their reunion gis at Hyde Park in June.

On stage at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh last night, Gallagher dropped several hints that he would be the man to fill the support slot for the three massive Manchester gigs. Early on in the night, he said "Who got tickets for The Roses then? I hope you did, i'll be seeing you there". He went on to name drop the recently reunited Mancunians several times throughout the night, and left the stage saying "Well I'll see you in Manchester for The Stone Roses gigs then". Speculation was already rife, but The Trip is happy to announce it as official...

Gallagher's debut album with The High Flying Birds is availiable now, and he's just announced an arena tour of The UK.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Ben Howard 'Every Kingdom'

Ben Howard is nice isn't he. His music is really nice. And by the sounds of this interview he's a nice bloke too. You can grab his debut album 'Every Kingdom' right now. Go on, right now. It really is worth it folks. Go out to the shops and get it too, the packaging is also rather nice. 'The Wolves' is one of our favourites from the album...

Alan Thompson from our friends at Travelled Music had a wee chat with the man himself...

Hi Ben, your debut album 'Every Kingdom' has just been released through Island Records, charting at Number 7. You are currently on a sold out tour of the UK. Congratulations! Would you describe this as an overnight success or a hard-fought victory?
Thank you! It's been a long trip and there's definitely been a lot of hard work put in so it hasn't been overnight but it's never felt like a battle. The whole thing's been such a mad experience for all of us and we've come across a hell of a lot of good people since the beginning. Yeah, number seven is a bit out of the blue though!
Your tour takes you you to Newcastle on Saturday 29th October before crossing the border into Scotland (passed Berwick upon Tweed) to play Aberdeen (Sunday 30th) and Glasgow (Monday 31st). For any of our readers that may have a ticket, what can we expect from the show?
The shows become a real mix up of tunes, it often depends on how we're feeling. Sometimes there's a few more quiet ones and it gets quite intense but there's always some solid upbeat tunes nearer the end.
Bob Dylan has been mentioned as an influence on your music. Mr. Dylan is still touring the world at age 70. Struggling to play guitar due to arthritis and unable to hit the high notes. Would you like to be on the road, playing shows when you are able to claim a pension?
The road gets pretty addictive, you never know really. I'd like to think i'd be travelling some remote places trying to stay by the sea, i'll always play music but i doubt i'll still subject people to it when i'm old. I remember seeing John Martyn play before he died and that was just depressing.
Can you tell us about any other musical influences or people that have influenced your life? If you and your music could influence a new generation what kind of effect would you like to have on the world?
I've always been influenced by passionate people, Richie Havens and John Martyn have always had a heavy hold on me. I don't know if i'd like to be looked up to too much, i love the idea that music can really mould your memories and can really become a time and a place, if the music can become part of good memories for others then that's an impact i'd be really happy with.
The Trip Magazine is based in the small coastal town of Berwick upon Tweed in the North East of England. Is it true that you started your musical career in Falmouth, a small coastal town in the South West of England? What advice would you give any musicians trying to break out of a small town?
Yeah i studied in Falmouth and that's when i started playing open mics and small gigs. I think the best advice is just to get out there and play, coming out of a small town you've got to travel, you've got to do your time in all the shitty London pubs and you've got to have the right attitude. Never play music in order to 'make it', you play all those crazy open mics and backward places because it's a wild time and you'll always enjoy it.
You champion 'Surfers Against Sewage' on your website and have a strong fanbase in the UK surf scene. have you ever surfed at Coldingham Bay near Berwick? Where is your favourite place to surf?
Surfers Against Sewage are legends, i've got a lot of time for those guys and their constant campaigning. No i've never surfer Coldingham, i've surfed South of there and it's a great part of the world for waves and people. I've got a few favourite coves down in the South West, there's a little spot right by a golf course that'll always have a special place in my heart!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Gunsgreen House? Where?

Appreciating what’s on your own doorstep. Not a difficult concept really, but something that a lot of us fall short of. 

I plead guilty too. I have to say that my youth was spent daydreaming of far-away cities that held the fluorescence and opportunity that my seemingly dull hometown lacked. But with a few more years of life experience under my belt, I’ve found myself emerged in a world of talent, passion and forward thinking companies. And yup, it’s in that same old part of the world that I learnt to tie my shoes.

Berwick and the borders seems to me a flourishing area, in which more and more talented young people are putting their minds to making the most of their roots. Fashion shows, magazines, promotion companies, music nights, radio stations; all of these have been started by people I know and grew up around. And they’re bloody good at it too.  

So where do I fit into this picture? The reason I’m writing this is that I have just taken up a new position of Events and Promotions Officer at Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth. Any locals reading this, it’s that big house on the harbour in Eyemouth that you’ve probably walked past a million times, but may not have been in. The house is bursting with potential; it’s a museum, a holiday-home, a wedding venue, a place to hold parties, concerts, dinners….I won’t go on all day, you get the idea. The possibilities are pretty much endless. One thing I’ve noticed is that we get a lot of kids through our doors, and a lot of older people too. I’m making it my mission to capture the generations in-between, and get them involved in what is both a piece of local history, and of local future. 

The historic interiors are ideal for fashion shoots for example and the space is great for an alternative music venue. It’s so important for us, the sensibles of the distant future, to get involved in places like Gunsgreen, and bridge the generation gap so that they don’t get lost in the web of time. 

After all, you can’t complain about that naff little hometown of yours if you don’t work towards making it better. Look at what’s sitting on your doorstep, I’ll bet there’s some golden opportunities just waiting to be explored.

Kara ter Morsche

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Trip Issue 02

The time has come. Issue 02 has been sent to the printers, full of shit... amazing shit.

We launch on the 22nd October down at The Barrels, and it's set to be a pretty fuckin' A night. Two of The Trip's bestest friends Roy's Iron DNA and Acrylic are going to DJ for us, so put on the dancing shoes and all of that. Shapes will be thrown.

No doubt, there shall be many an alcoholic beverage consumed, many a local celebrity will be in attendance and a many a free magazine shall be given away. Come down, bring all your friends. It's hard making a magazine you know, the more people there to tell us how well we've done the better.....

See you and every single person you know down there then!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Skint and Demoralised, 07/10/11, The Barrels

The magnificent Skint and Demoralised will play The Barrels Basement this Friday. The band are currently recieving airplay from Radio 1 amongst many other stations, and played many a major festival this summer. How on earth did we get them to The Barrels i hear you ask. Well because Berwick is fucking awesome that's how. And with the help of twatter...

Anyways, it's £4 in and for that you will also be treated to a set from Berwick's excellent and mental Secret Gang Handshakes. Head over to to download some of his stuff, two excellent EP's up for free there folks. I highly recommend you get your hands on 'em.

So we'll see you there then...

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Did anyone realise it's really fucking hot? I mean this weather is so unusual. Honestly you should check out the weather. I can't believe how unbelievable this weather is. I'm so hot! Really though, it really is quite warm this weather and I fucking hate it.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Morrisons Breakfast, The Barrels, Denim Jackets, Vicki Geordie Shore, Shay Given and Defcon 1

Hello there. It's been a while since I posted one of those silly little what's been going on things, so here we go.

The friday before last seen Issue 01 stars Old Bones, joined by fantastic Edinburgh band, and fellow two piece, The Gold Lions down at The Barrels. It got reasonably busy, both bands were awesome and loud, and another great night was had by all. The lads from The Gold Lions even expressed a great interest in coming back to Berwick. We are taking steps forward fellas.

On the saturday, I went to Morrisons for breakfast and lost money in the bookies. Then Ben and Dave put on a marvellous DJ set and I danced the night away, burning off that wonderful breakfast.

I went back to college. I decided to go out in Newcastle on wednesday night. Waiting around in the city centre on my friend, I took the inevitable trip to Topman and bought a denim jacket. 20% off for students mun, how could I resist. I put it on immediately, and with my white converse and skinny jeans I thought I was in The Strokes...

Continuing to wait for my friend, I decided to go for a coffee. Sitting enjoying a mocha and reading a copy of my own magazine (I wasn't really), along came my first celebrity encounter of the day. Wait for it. Vicki Geordie Shore asked if she could sit at my table. Not because she liked the look of my new jacket, but because there was not a single other seat in the building...

Fast forward a few hours and a generous helping of vodka; I arrive on Legends dance floor. Second celebrity encounter of the day approaching. None other than Shay Given. We danced, we gazed into each others eyes... He was the drunkest I have ever seen a person.

Back to Berwick. Last friday saw another top night. Matt Wilson, Le Woodsmen and Electric Penelope were all fucking awesome. These friday nights at The Barrels just keep on getting better my friends...

On the saturday, I went to Morrisons for breakfast and lost money in the bookies. Then DJ Keek put on a marvellous DJ set and I danced the night away, burning off that wonderful breakfast. There is nothing wrong with having a routine my friends. I must mention the ridiculous sound system Defcon 1 brought down to The Barrels for Keeks, you had to see & hear it to believe it.

Sunday night saw wor Ross Davidson's leaving party. Goodbye friend. Dave, Keeks and a boy with bagpipes all rocked the basement. We need more bagpipes in there, it was awesome.

Anyways, Issue 02 is underway. 22nd October is the launch. Get down.

Mr P DJ-ing this weekend. Coosty.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


TWO, that's right; TWO tours to tell you about. In alphabetical order only, not preferential, we have; Espionage Of The Loc's October Tour of the North East and Scotland, and The Warehouse Announcement's Scottish Borders Tour.

Espionage kick things off on Thursday 6th October at BandStand in Middlesborough. Back up to Berwick for them on the 8th October, when they'll play The Red Lion. There will be hell to pay if i don't see you there Berwickers. The Following day they're down in Ashington at The Grand. A week or so later the boys have their biggest gig on the tour at King Tut's Glasgow where they'll support Sonic Boom Six. Check out the boys website for a their newest and fantastic-est E.P. 'It's All To Come'. Brilliant.

Thankfully for all of us, none of The Warehouse Announcement's Borders gigs clash with any of Espionages. I could hear the mass sigh of relief as you all read that. There's 5 gigs for the Warehouse boys. On 14th October they get things going at The Ship Hotel in Eyemouth. The next night, I will be proudly taking your money at the door as the boys play The Barrels with Lords Of Bastard. Being a Saturday night, I can't wait to see the usual  revellers reaction when they come down for a few pre Bedrocks & 'Cashmere With A New Sign' Agwas and get their faces melted off. It'll be awesome mun. TWA then go on to play The Bean Scene Hawick on the 22nd October, The Reivers Bare Galashiels on 3rd November and finish the tour at The British Legion Duns on Friday 4th. You'll be able to pick up a copy of their debut album 'Pick Up The Pieces' at the gigs too. 14 tracks of pure audible wonderment.

You will be missing out if you don't catch each of these bands at least once on these tours. I might even try to get to all of them... Keep an eye out for photos and 'reviews' of the gigs in the weeks after them.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Thanks to @Chris_Hutton for bringing my attention to Knife Party. I think I've been a bit slow on the uptake here, perhaps, but I don't care because it's pretty awesome. Remember when Pendulum were just 3 dudes and they were good? (Tarantula etc...) Well two of those guys, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have formed Knife Party. The name being a reference to the excellent Deftones' track. Apparently their first release will consist of electro, house, drum & bass and dub step. Excellent. Skrillex is already on board, helping out with one of the first studio tracks to be put out there. Hopefully we'll get more as soon as possible. Here's a Knife Party remix of Nero's 'Crush on You', and the track featuring Skrillex - 'Zoology'. Apparently the genre of this track is Moombahton. I'll have to read into that...

All seem to be just promo versions at the minute. If you need more straight away, their DJ set from one of Radio 1's Ibiza events is floating around the internet somewhere...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Live Music At The Barrels AleHouse!

Oh hai. Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy, DJing, watching Man Utd on tv and starting Issue 02.

Thanks to everyone who came down on saturday. I had a great time. It was really busy and lots of people were dancing and buying drinks so hopefully they will let us do it again. I've caught the DJ bug. So hopefully we can get some more gigs in other places too...

Onward! StrawPuppet have been busy getting some gigs sorted for us lovely Berwick folks. This friday we have this:

It will be grand. Get yourself along, say hi, watch some great music.

The following friday, we have this:

Which should also be amazing fun. So same again, get down. 

Thems is some tiday posters there!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Going to Leeds? Har Har

If you've decided to go to Leeds you have made the wrong decision. Because there has just been a smashing little weekend of music announced down at The Barrels. 

Firstly, on Friday 26th we'll be treated to acoustic sets from Iain Petrie, Le Woodsman's Mark Reid and Roy's Iron DNA's & Ordinaryson's Ian Thompson. It will be a cracking night so get your self down. If I spy you in Leeds Fest photos instead I won't be happy.

Come saturday night, down The Barrels again, for a Roy's Iron DNA DJ set. If you were at our launch night you'll know how good this will be. If not, you're missing out big time! It'll be grand.

Looks like there's also some top nights lined up by StrawPuppet throughout September as well. With some local and not so local acts being lined up to play Friday nights, and some coosty little DJ sets being line up for saturday nights. On the 10th, The Trip will attempt a "DJ set". Expect some top quality tunes. High energy, fast, rocky, lo-fi stuff. Sounds good eh. Come along, dance, laugh at us, whatever. It'll be good.

Keep your eyes peeled for more gigs and stuff and announcements about Issue 02 throughout the coming weeks.  Ta-ra!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Good news! The boys from Acrylic have confirmed another DJ slot down in The Barrels, on Friday 9th September at 08.30. Even better news, it's free! Wahey. "Another pint for your gob" as Acrylic-er Chris says. Should be a class night, and if you don't turn up, you'll miss tunes like these getting played loud in your favourite downstairs basement cocktail bar thing.

And a hell of a lot more n all. Get there.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Electric Penelope, EdFringe 2011

I write this while sat watching London, Birmingham, Bristol and supposedly Liverpool go up in flames. So please excuse me if it is a bit shit/rambles off topic slightly.

At last, The Edinburgh Fringe 2011 is here. A whole year since the last one, too long in my view... Friday 5th August was my first visit to brand new Edinburgh venue, The Dissecting Rooms. An old university veterinary school makes a very interesting place for a venue. There's an odd atmosphere when you get inside, you can sense the kind of thing that used to go on in here. The images plastered all over the walls add to that queasy feeling, which miraculously disappears after a few visits to the bar (which was less expensive than I expected to begin with, but the prices seemed to rise every time I went back for the same drink, odd ey). I'm sure it'll become a Fringe favourite over the coming years.

I had made the journey up to see Berwick band Electric Penelope for the first time. What a great night. After seeing the band just this once I have to say I'm totally hooked. They're offering something completely different for Berwick, something which I've never seen in a Berwick band before. Yet, I can't quite put my finger on what that is. Perhaps it's the fantastic presence lead singer Anna Emmins has on stage, Jimmy's guitar playing or the easiness they seem to have. It all seems so natural to them, especially Anna, you can tell she loves it up there by the way she chatters on between the songs. It's great. The fact I'm not really sure why I like them so much, probably makes me like them even more... I think I may have descended into talking in riddles now.

At this stage in writing this, it stopped raining, so I thought the dog would appreciate a little jaunt down to Spittal. It would also be a chance for me to get a break from the incessant coverage of the riots and looting. Strangely I bumped into Anna, and got talking about how fantastic friday was. Like her, I think the only thing that would have made it an even better night,was if more people had turned up to watch them. 

a.) Obviously more people would be introduced to this awesome band, and 
b.) the general atmosphere, and apparently also the sound would have been that little bit better.

I learned a little about acoustics while I was there you see; when you have a lot of hard surfaces (like there is in The Dissecting Rooms) the sound bounces around more, not what you want. But if you fill the place up a bit, there's more soft surfaces for the sound to be absorbed. I think. Always learning you see.

Look out for lots more from Electric Penelope on the web pages and printed pages of The Trip, specifically Issue 02. And pop down to Spittal on sunday to catch them live at the Seaside Festival too. Smashing.

Trip out.  

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Just stumbled across this little beauty. Can't believe I haven't seen/heard this before. As much as I like the band's new electronic route, it's such a shame they stopped making music like this. Brilliant song, acoustically, and the album version.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


This should really be a pointless post in a way. As I expect all of you to have seen this by now... But it is not a pointless post in the way that it is full of multi-media wonderment from Xennon Easton, a.k.a. Xbot Skeletor, and Robert, Knox & Wize. Check it out in its entirety; The Loc Lounge Episode 2.

Great music, hilarious and a massive well done to Xbot for getting it done. Great little production. If you want to read more about Episode 2, go grab a copy of Issue 01 of the mag. There's a whole page on it.

Also get excited for Episode 3, The Warehouse Announcement have been confirmed for that.


This is incredibly fun isn't it. That's enough Jarvis, make a new Pulp record.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Warehouse Announcement - Pick Up The Pieces

Right, we said we'd never do reviews as such on here because how can I review something I could never do myself? It's something I'm not sure how I feel about. But the lads in The Warehouse Announcement asked me to do this, and I wasn't going to let them down, plus I got to listen to the album a few weeks early! Wahey. So here are some thoughts on the album...

At last, the debut album from The Warehouse Announcement has arrived. Well almost, remember to get yourself along to The Maltings this saturday (31st July) for the launch. Before listening to the album, I have to admit I was nervous about pressing play. If you've ever seen the boys live, you'll probably understand why. What if they couldn't transfer their powerful and quite frankly fucking amazing live show to the record? Exactly 24 seconds in my nerves were quashed. That baseline on "M-Cont" kicks in and we're off. From then the album doesn't stop, the baselines keep coming, the solos and riffs seem to get better the further you get into it, Paul's vocals are flawless throughout and they're backed up with some pretty smart harmonies. It sounds big. 

You'll only stop listening when you have to. For example when you haven't pulled your headphones off or eaten or stopped head banging for 8 hours, or when your boss is on the phone asking where you are, and she doesn't understand because she only listens to her little angels iPod which consists of Bruno Mars and the rest of it... If she listened to 'Pick Up The Pieces' it would blow her mind, she'd leave her husband and the kids, she wouldn't go back to work, she'd start going to The Barrels on a saturday, instead of The Battery. 

The thing is about this though, it really doesn't sound like a debut album to me. That's definitely a good thing; these guys sound like they've been doing this forever. They've taken the songs they play so well live, and only improved them in the studio, taking away a little of the rawness of the gig to let the top quality musicianship shine through more. And it works, there's not a single bad song on this album. There are a few that stick out to me though, the riff on 'Green' is easily up there as one of my favourites of recent times if not ever, 'Pissin' Fire' is epic straight from the beginning, and 'Keep On Movin'' just builds and builds and builds and then explodes into the perfect way to end the album. Saturday will be a seriously good night, I for one cannot wait. I hope these lads stick around for a while.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Zeitgeist, WWE, Deadmau5, Akai and Archery

Alright? How's it gain like? Aye no bad eh.

Been a good last few weeks and that. I'll start with Roy's Iron DNA's first gig back. Electric Circus Edinburgh was the venue, great little place that, I'd advise visiting if you've never been before. It's just beside the Dungeons. Drinks are a little expensive mind, £3.50 for a single vodka and coke?! Fuckin hell man. Anyways, there were a couple of acts on before the Roy's boys. A lad I didn't manage to catch the name of, and the very beautiful indeed Nina Nesbitt. She played some pretty little songs, including an acoustic cover of The Trip regular Jessie J's 'Do It Like A Dude'. Hip. If you somehow stumble across this Nina, give me a call or something aye? Cheers.

As Roy's were setting up, I became aware of a problem; directly in front of the stage it was all tables... No room for dancing? That would not do, not at all. Us Berwickers managed to find a spot at the back for shape throwing when it all kicked off. You could see the lads were nervous, you would be for your first gig with a new line up. They needn't have been though, it was brilliant. There was a special moment half way through the first song, where Ian and Callum looked at each other, and smiled as they knew it was all going to be great, brought a tear to me eye... Many extravagant shapes were put down, and for the last two songs we pushed to the front. 'That One Xennon Made A Video For' and 'The Catchy One They Finish With' (or 'Dreaming' and 'If I Get The Time') were both awesome, seriously fucking good like.

Through the week I got back into the Zeitgeist films and started to hate the world again... I was quickly snapped out of it when Michael Owen scored the first goal of Man Utd's pre season regime, he's gonna have a good one this season. I can feel it in my piss.

I also re-discovered this song:

Aye it's good. So is this remix:

One week on and I was off to see RIDNA again. This time at The Rowchester Festival, along with The Warehouse Announcement. It was pissing down, windy and cold. So we sat in TWA's van, drinking and being amazed by Mabel the dog. Brendan of Espionage and RIDNA also told us about crashing his bosses Range Rover & his new hobby; archery. Dangerous, I thought. Again Roy's were awesome, and The Warehouse boys fucking rocked like. It was a great set. On the drive home, previously excellent chauffeur Victoria Aitchison brutally ran down a bunny rabbit and for the next minute or so proceeded to laugh about it hysterically.

Went out on the saturday, danced to Mr P in The Barrels. Cooshty.

I considered buying an Akai drum machine, I then remembered I have no musical talent and it would be pointless.

Tuesday, went for a couple of peeves at the Leapo, ended up doing Archery in Somerfield car park. After that, headed round to Xennon's, had a little preview of The Loc Lounge 2, it's looking seriously good. I can't wait for its big screen debut (The Maltings, 27th July). I was then persuaded to stay and watch WWE's latest pay per view, Money In The Bank. It was my first PPV i've ever seen. I am addicted. CM Punk is fucking awesome.

I'm packing my bags, off to the US to don the spandex and try my luck at being the next Jeff Hardy...

Friday, 15 July 2011

Here is some stuff...

...what you should go to.

First of all, Rowchester Festival looks pretty awesome doesn't it. Especially tonights line up. Roy's Iron DNA and The Warehouse Announcement both playing. I'm going and I can't wait for it. Unfortunately I also have to come home tonight, so I will miss the big saturday headliners The Futureheads. Imagine that, The Futureheads in the borders...

And then, a week today we have what is sure to be a very sad moment but also a cracking good night. Won Mississippi will play their last show ever, bit of a catch 22 - I can't wait for it, but I also don't want it to happen really. If you know what I mean. They will be joined by the magnificent (featured in Issue 01) Old Bones, so it looks set to be a cracking night at The Maltings.

After that, Wednesday 27th July takes us back to The Maltings for the first in Travelled Music's Niche Wednesdays film project. First up it's 24 Hour Party People, the story of "Madchester" and all that patter innit. Coogan at his best? I think so. BUT, as hard as it is to believe, that is not the most exciting part of the evening. Yes, for The Loc Lounge Episode 2 will premier before 24 hour party people! Brilliant news, it's up on the big screen and i'm sure not for the last time. Get yourself along for the hilarity and awesome music. From Robert, Knox and Wise to the likes of Joy Division and The Happy Mondays. Coosty.

Come Saturday 30th, come another shit hot night. The Warehouse Announcement album launch. And the lads are being supported by Le Woodsmen and Espionage of The Loc. Not a bad line up eh!? You'd be a crazy bastard to miss any of these ones like. Get along, satisfaction guaranteed.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Close Season...

Right, it's been a while since we posted here. Thought we'd have a bit of a break. Issue 01 is out and about, you can pick up a copy in various places around berwick.

To the important stuff... Football. It has been an interesting close season so far, especially from my position as a Man Utd fan. It's exciting that we've splashed the cash a bit, on Ashley Young, Phil Jones and big Dave De Gea. But i'm still worried about the hole in the middle of our midfield. I won't be so worried if Darren Fletcher gets back to his best, but there's no guarantee that will happen. Carrick has been brilliant, I don't care what anyone says. And with the abundance of wide players we now have, maybe Sir Alex is looking to use Young in a more central role? We shall see. The signing of Samir Nasri would put me more at ease than the signing of Wesley Sneijder I think, but at this moment in time it seems the latter is the more likely of the two to happen. 

Elsewhere in the market, eventually Liverpool snapped up Charlie Adam. It'll probably turn out to be a good signing, but he's not going to be the centre of the team like he was at Blackpool, so that'll be interesting to see what happens. Their new away shirt also looks like an Everton one...

Arsenal looked at one point to be losing every decent player on their books, but that's all calmed down a bit now. Sagna now has competition for worst hair in the PL from Gervinho.

Tevez is the subject of a reported £35 million bid from Corinthians. Har Har City.

Newcastle signed Big Demba Ba, and some other players. But sold Kevin Nolan? I don't understand that one. But they do have a brilliant new away kit. Bright orange and black. But by far the most interesting new strip, is the one Tim Howard has been sentenced to wear. 

He's American so probably likes that kind of thing and guns and stuff...

That has a rival though, in the new England keeper top. It's fucking brilliant. 

Monday, 27 June 2011

Borders Green Festival

Is coming up this weekend. And we're excited, and so should you be! Look at the line up. There's some awesome stuff in there, the guys reckon there will be 75 of the finest musicians Berwick has ever seen playing on the day. The line up is unreal like. Check it out here;

It's running over the two days, and you can buy tickets at The Maltings, or here: Get 'em in quick, they're selling fast!

Be down at The Five Arches for 12 sharp on The Saturday, we'll see you there!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Warehouse Announcement - Pick Up The Pieces

Another date for your diary gadge; Saturday 30th July will see The Warehouse Announcement launch their album - Pick Up The Pieces - at The Maltings Henry Travers Studio. 

There's only 150 tickets, so make sure you're sharp on the draw when they go on sale on the 24th July. The tickets are £5.50, but for that price you get the album too, a bargain in our eyes, as it isn't just The Warehouse who will be playing. Le Woodsmen will support, starting their set from about 9pm, and The Warehouse boys will start about 10.

The Date rings a bell, so i'm hoping I can get along. I can't remember what it is, I checked the diary,  I checked my schedule, i even phoned my mamma, she didn't know either. Like I say, I'm hoping I'll get along.

Get a ticket pal, you'll only regret it if you don't.

Issue 01 launch Night!

Welcome back! It's been quiet of late over on these parts of town. We whole heartedly apologise. BUT! To make up for it, we have something pretty special, Issue 01 is finished! It's been sent to the printers, so all we have to do now is rely on the delivery man...

It will be launched down in The Barrels on Friday 1st July. Come on down! On the night, there will be copies of the mag for you to pick up (remember it's free), and the awesome Espionage of The Loc head the bill for the night. The equally awesome Secret Gang Handshakes are going to support, and afterwards we'll be treated to a DJ set from the boys of Roy's Iron DNA. Why wouldn't you come!? Put on your glad rags & your dancing shoes and get yourself down for a few drinks.

It's nerve-racking knowing there's nothing we can do to change it. What if it's shit!? What if there's a load of mistakes!? There's fuck all we can do about it. Oh well. We're sure you're gonna like it though.

Hopefully see you at the launch then guuuyyyss. Love you. Mwaahh xoxoxox xxxxx......ooxxx....xxxx <3

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Switchblade Smiles by kasabian

That's pretty good isn't it. Yes, yes it is.

Seems as though they've gone down a more electronic route again. Although they did a similar thing with Vlad The Impaler for the last album, and the rest of the album turned out to be more typical Kasabian. Either way, I'm sure their new effort will be awesome. It's gonna be called 'Velociraptor!' and it's due for September. Hopefully we'll be treated to another tour from the boys 'n' all.

You can pre-order it now, and you get a free download of 'Switchblade Smiles'.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Paul Scholes

Paul retired last week. Sad times all round. He was one of the greatest players the Premier League has seen, thee greatest according to one Thiery Henry. He received similar plaudits from fellow footballing gods Zidane & Xavi. A United great. He was never treated fairly by his national managers, being shunned out to the wing to accommodate for the likes of Lampard & Gerrard. He never won a player of the year award, and was only named in the PL team of the year twice. 

These moments just prove Glenn Hoddle & the rest wrong.

He was also famous for his slightly mistimed tackles. Har Har. Here's one from last season that saw him sent off against Man City...


Still one of my heros. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

This Guy Has My Macbook

Look! Some prick stole someone's MacBook. Luckily, and quite hilariously, the user has installed the app Hidden on the computer. The app allows you to get access to the webcam, so you can see who's taken your Mac, you can also see what they're up to. How brilliant.

Some guy driving away with Mac.

Don't want to know what the guy is doing here.

Keep up to date with the saga over at;