Sunday, 25 September 2011


TWO, that's right; TWO tours to tell you about. In alphabetical order only, not preferential, we have; Espionage Of The Loc's October Tour of the North East and Scotland, and The Warehouse Announcement's Scottish Borders Tour.

Espionage kick things off on Thursday 6th October at BandStand in Middlesborough. Back up to Berwick for them on the 8th October, when they'll play The Red Lion. There will be hell to pay if i don't see you there Berwickers. The Following day they're down in Ashington at The Grand. A week or so later the boys have their biggest gig on the tour at King Tut's Glasgow where they'll support Sonic Boom Six. Check out the boys website for a their newest and fantastic-est E.P. 'It's All To Come'. Brilliant.

Thankfully for all of us, none of The Warehouse Announcement's Borders gigs clash with any of Espionages. I could hear the mass sigh of relief as you all read that. There's 5 gigs for the Warehouse boys. On 14th October they get things going at The Ship Hotel in Eyemouth. The next night, I will be proudly taking your money at the door as the boys play The Barrels with Lords Of Bastard. Being a Saturday night, I can't wait to see the usual  revellers reaction when they come down for a few pre Bedrocks & 'Cashmere With A New Sign' Agwas and get their faces melted off. It'll be awesome mun. TWA then go on to play The Bean Scene Hawick on the 22nd October, The Reivers Bare Galashiels on 3rd November and finish the tour at The British Legion Duns on Friday 4th. You'll be able to pick up a copy of their debut album 'Pick Up The Pieces' at the gigs too. 14 tracks of pure audible wonderment.

You will be missing out if you don't catch each of these bands at least once on these tours. I might even try to get to all of them... Keep an eye out for photos and 'reviews' of the gigs in the weeks after them.

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