Tuesday, 31 May 2011

This Guy Has My Macbook

Look! Some prick stole someone's MacBook. Luckily, and quite hilariously, the user has installed the app Hidden on the computer. The app allows you to get access to the webcam, so you can see who's taken your Mac, you can also see what they're up to. How brilliant.

Some guy driving away with Mac.

Don't want to know what the guy is doing here.

Keep up to date with the saga over at; http://thisguyhasmymacbook.tumblr.com/

The Loc Lounge

Has arrived! Brilliant stuff here. Watch it now, seriously funny, seriously good music. Cant wait for episode two!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Marmite - Love it, or ban it...

Denmark, the country responsible for Lego, Bang and Olufsen and Carlsberg, has banned Marmite.

What the fuck?

Apparantly, it’s because it has lots of shit in it. Not actual shit, but added minerals and vitamins that break the law. Silly minerals and vitamins.

Load of bollocks apparently, according the the Danish Embassy twitter account.

@denmarkinuk -  and similar products are NOT banned in  

I Break Horses - Hearts

I Break Horses - Hearts from Bella Union on Vimeo.

Stunning little track there. Can only find one other song by the band, Wired. It's also pretty cool.

Can't wait to here some more from these lot like.

Great video too isn't it, directed by Alex Southam.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What's With The Long Face?

Look at this bloody idiot. Trying to get a pony on a train, somewhere in Wales on saturday.

That’s not even the best part. When the guard wouldn’t allow him on the train, he went back to the ticket office to buy a ticket for it…

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Is the name of Friendly Fires 2nd album. Released yesterday it is a magnificent follow up to their self titled debut album from 2008. If this doesn't get you in the mood for summer, you need to get on some hard drugs.

South American carnival, and ice cream weren't the only influence though. Singer Ed MacFarlane revealed that novelist and philosopher Aldous Huxley inspired the band in a big way too. Seems a bit strange, since his works aren't exactly what you'd call summery. Quite the opposite really.

“I just felt that the idea of 'Pala” being this hidden utopia – and Huxley's idea of paradise being very temporary and transient, that you have to make the most of something great while it lasts – I felt like these ideas summed up the album pretty well” he says. “The album is different to the first record, in that the first record is very escapist; it's about being somewhere better than where you are. You've got 'Paris' and 'Skeleton Boy' – about closing your eyes on the dancefloor – whereas this is about the here and now; being pulled back to earth, back to reality.”

Whatever. Just go buy it and listen to and dance. Can't wait to see Ed, Edd and Jack playing these songs live with their older tunes. And of course Ed's famous dancing (nothing compared to what you'll find in ol' Bedrocks, mind you). 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

I Am Your Scratcher...

Sorry, that was awful. This video is not however. You need to watch it almost until the end, then you'll understand what I'm on about. 

Really feel sorry for the guy Scratch Bastard is against here, cannot compete. How do you even come up with the idea for something like that!? Amazing.

Thanks to @wedgeallan for bringing this to my attention.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Twitting Marvelous

@SikipediaBot - How ironic, that in a million years, Osama Bin Laden will be oil.

@Stevehibs yfrog.com/h01aotaj

@DSpaino@KyleD_ I was also gonna say Ando could do wi a goal but that's me taking it too far. 
- Anderson then went on to double his Manchester Utd career goal tally from 2 to 4.

@themichaelowen - By the way, am I the only person that can't stand the word 'Tweeps' It sounds like a name two soppy love birds would call each other! 
- Michael has a sly dig at Rio.

@TwangTwong - The loc lounge http://t.co/0isOvr
- Start of something amazing. The Loc Lounge. More soon...

@gramatter - Liverpool are 50/1 to win the league next season....for those of you that don't understand betting....if you put £10 on....you will lose £10

@YoNelson - issue A: if politicians truly acted in the interest of the people, voting would not be necessary.

@RealLovejoy - Just reading about the risks of men my age following thru upon orgasm. This is not the kind of news I need. I would not recover from that.

@GrayAndKeys - Best of luck Shane Warne, who is retiring at the end of this year to spend more time with other people's families.

@VaughanCricket - Giggs is unbelievable.. Greatest ever Premier league player..

@GNev2@fizzer18 Philip you seem obsessed with MU! Aren't you the current Everton Captain!

@notvoodoo - Not a massive surprise that football's governing body is composed of corrupt self serving bastards, is it really?

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Trip Issue 00

I've eventually got my arse around to taking some photographs of Issue 00 (critical study;college). So here they are. What do you lot think? 

Monday, 2 May 2011

Twittering around...

Right. Here's a new feature; tweets of the week. I'll select a bunch of tweets that I think are excellent. Topical, funny, just damn right good fucking tweets. Usually I'll select them from anyhting I've felt the need to re-tweet. But I'll listen to suggestions! Hit me up with some nominations and the chances are they'll find their way in here. Enjoy 'em!

@Queen_UK - No, Bono has not been invited to the Wedding. This is because the DoE is quite convinced that "he is a twat".

@back_of_the_net - Unexpectedly, El Classico has degenerated into 22 players trying to con the referee into sending someone off.

@TheFagCasanova - Gareth Southgate looks like a horse who's constantly baffled by his own ability to talk.

@chapmanfamily - I bet the birth certificate of Donald Trump's hair doesn't match the birth certificate of Donald Trump. #donaldtrumpisabellend

@TheFagCasanova - Molotov Cocktail = Worst house warming gift ever.

@smashingmag - If offering a white model of a phone is enough to generate viral buzz, then something is terribly wrong with our world. #iphone4

@DianaInHeaven - Ha ha ha ha! She's going in a fucking CAR! I went in a CHARIOT!!

@WillyBillyWood - I just saw a rat eating a dead rat while waiting for a train to take me to a job that barely pays my rent. #royalwedding

@OctoberJones - Pippa Middleton's arse is like a JK Rowling book. You know Harry's going to be in it.

@wedgeallan – hes no deed

@sickipediabot - Prince Harry reported missing after a secret fancy dress party somewhere in Pakistan...