Thursday, 7 April 2011

They are the resurrection?

With all this chit chat flying around about a possible Stone Roses reunion, I thought I'd treat you to this sublime piece of music. 

Up there amongst the greatest songs ever in my opinion. The last four minutes or so, is an unreal outro. Even more so when you consider the whole thing was recorded on the first take they tried.

Jon Squire was an amazing guitarist, Brown an awesome frontman, Reni a ridiculous drummer and Mani was superb on the bass. Seems like its only the drummer thats not agreed to a comeback yet. I wonder what form the reunion would take though? 

Apparently they're not the greatest live band in the world, with some people even claiming the tribute band 'Complete Stone Roses' are actually a better live band than the original actual real Stone Roses!

Lets just hope it doesn't disappoint, I'm excited.

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