Sunday, 5 June 2011

Paul Scholes

Paul retired last week. Sad times all round. He was one of the greatest players the Premier League has seen, thee greatest according to one Thiery Henry. He received similar plaudits from fellow footballing gods Zidane & Xavi. A United great. He was never treated fairly by his national managers, being shunned out to the wing to accommodate for the likes of Lampard & Gerrard. He never won a player of the year award, and was only named in the PL team of the year twice. 

These moments just prove Glenn Hoddle & the rest wrong.

He was also famous for his slightly mistimed tackles. Har Har. Here's one from last season that saw him sent off against Man City...


Still one of my heros. 


  1. good post, i recommend the program on sky anytime the now too

  2. what one's that, Scholes: The Goals?

  3. Almost as good as his goals was his passing, sublime! Best Memory: