Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Warehouse Announcement - Pick Up The Pieces

Right, we said we'd never do reviews as such on here because how can I review something I could never do myself? It's something I'm not sure how I feel about. But the lads in The Warehouse Announcement asked me to do this, and I wasn't going to let them down, plus I got to listen to the album a few weeks early! Wahey. So here are some thoughts on the album...

At last, the debut album from The Warehouse Announcement has arrived. Well almost, remember to get yourself along to The Maltings this saturday (31st July) for the launch. Before listening to the album, I have to admit I was nervous about pressing play. If you've ever seen the boys live, you'll probably understand why. What if they couldn't transfer their powerful and quite frankly fucking amazing live show to the record? Exactly 24 seconds in my nerves were quashed. That baseline on "M-Cont" kicks in and we're off. From then the album doesn't stop, the baselines keep coming, the solos and riffs seem to get better the further you get into it, Paul's vocals are flawless throughout and they're backed up with some pretty smart harmonies. It sounds big. 

You'll only stop listening when you have to. For example when you haven't pulled your headphones off or eaten or stopped head banging for 8 hours, or when your boss is on the phone asking where you are, and she doesn't understand because she only listens to her little angels iPod which consists of Bruno Mars and the rest of it... If she listened to 'Pick Up The Pieces' it would blow her mind, she'd leave her husband and the kids, she wouldn't go back to work, she'd start going to The Barrels on a saturday, instead of The Battery. 

The thing is about this though, it really doesn't sound like a debut album to me. That's definitely a good thing; these guys sound like they've been doing this forever. They've taken the songs they play so well live, and only improved them in the studio, taking away a little of the rawness of the gig to let the top quality musicianship shine through more. And it works, there's not a single bad song on this album. There are a few that stick out to me though, the riff on 'Green' is easily up there as one of my favourites of recent times if not ever, 'Pissin' Fire' is epic straight from the beginning, and 'Keep On Movin'' just builds and builds and builds and then explodes into the perfect way to end the album. Saturday will be a seriously good night, I for one cannot wait. I hope these lads stick around for a while.

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