Monday, 3 October 2011

Skint and Demoralised, 07/10/11, The Barrels

The magnificent Skint and Demoralised will play The Barrels Basement this Friday. The band are currently recieving airplay from Radio 1 amongst many other stations, and played many a major festival this summer. How on earth did we get them to The Barrels i hear you ask. Well because Berwick is fucking awesome that's how. And with the help of twatter...

Anyways, it's £4 in and for that you will also be treated to a set from Berwick's excellent and mental Secret Gang Handshakes. Head over to to download some of his stuff, two excellent EP's up for free there folks. I highly recommend you get your hands on 'em.

So we'll see you there then...


  1. Cannit wait like. Be awesome. No sure about Secret Gang Handshakes mind...

  2. Aren't Espionage playing The Red Lion the same night?

  3. They are indeed. That is a blow, not been in the lion since it re-opened. Unlikely to see S&D in such a sall venue again tho