Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Warehouse Announcement - Pick Up The Pieces

Right, we said we'd never do reviews as such on here because how can I review something I could never do myself? It's something I'm not sure how I feel about. But the lads in The Warehouse Announcement asked me to do this, and I wasn't going to let them down, plus I got to listen to the album a few weeks early! Wahey. So here are some thoughts on the album...

At last, the debut album from The Warehouse Announcement has arrived. Well almost, remember to get yourself along to The Maltings this saturday (31st July) for the launch. Before listening to the album, I have to admit I was nervous about pressing play. If you've ever seen the boys live, you'll probably understand why. What if they couldn't transfer their powerful and quite frankly fucking amazing live show to the record? Exactly 24 seconds in my nerves were quashed. That baseline on "M-Cont" kicks in and we're off. From then the album doesn't stop, the baselines keep coming, the solos and riffs seem to get better the further you get into it, Paul's vocals are flawless throughout and they're backed up with some pretty smart harmonies. It sounds big. 

You'll only stop listening when you have to. For example when you haven't pulled your headphones off or eaten or stopped head banging for 8 hours, or when your boss is on the phone asking where you are, and she doesn't understand because she only listens to her little angels iPod which consists of Bruno Mars and the rest of it... If she listened to 'Pick Up The Pieces' it would blow her mind, she'd leave her husband and the kids, she wouldn't go back to work, she'd start going to The Barrels on a saturday, instead of The Battery. 

The thing is about this though, it really doesn't sound like a debut album to me. That's definitely a good thing; these guys sound like they've been doing this forever. They've taken the songs they play so well live, and only improved them in the studio, taking away a little of the rawness of the gig to let the top quality musicianship shine through more. And it works, there's not a single bad song on this album. There are a few that stick out to me though, the riff on 'Green' is easily up there as one of my favourites of recent times if not ever, 'Pissin' Fire' is epic straight from the beginning, and 'Keep On Movin'' just builds and builds and builds and then explodes into the perfect way to end the album. Saturday will be a seriously good night, I for one cannot wait. I hope these lads stick around for a while.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Zeitgeist, WWE, Deadmau5, Akai and Archery

Alright? How's it gain like? Aye no bad eh.

Been a good last few weeks and that. I'll start with Roy's Iron DNA's first gig back. Electric Circus Edinburgh was the venue, great little place that, I'd advise visiting if you've never been before. It's just beside the Dungeons. Drinks are a little expensive mind, £3.50 for a single vodka and coke?! Fuckin hell man. Anyways, there were a couple of acts on before the Roy's boys. A lad I didn't manage to catch the name of, and the very beautiful indeed Nina Nesbitt. She played some pretty little songs, including an acoustic cover of The Trip regular Jessie J's 'Do It Like A Dude'. Hip. If you somehow stumble across this Nina, give me a call or something aye? Cheers.

As Roy's were setting up, I became aware of a problem; directly in front of the stage it was all tables... No room for dancing? That would not do, not at all. Us Berwickers managed to find a spot at the back for shape throwing when it all kicked off. You could see the lads were nervous, you would be for your first gig with a new line up. They needn't have been though, it was brilliant. There was a special moment half way through the first song, where Ian and Callum looked at each other, and smiled as they knew it was all going to be great, brought a tear to me eye... Many extravagant shapes were put down, and for the last two songs we pushed to the front. 'That One Xennon Made A Video For' and 'The Catchy One They Finish With' (or 'Dreaming' and 'If I Get The Time') were both awesome, seriously fucking good like.

Through the week I got back into the Zeitgeist films and started to hate the world again... I was quickly snapped out of it when Michael Owen scored the first goal of Man Utd's pre season regime, he's gonna have a good one this season. I can feel it in my piss.

I also re-discovered this song:

Aye it's good. So is this remix:

One week on and I was off to see RIDNA again. This time at The Rowchester Festival, along with The Warehouse Announcement. It was pissing down, windy and cold. So we sat in TWA's van, drinking and being amazed by Mabel the dog. Brendan of Espionage and RIDNA also told us about crashing his bosses Range Rover & his new hobby; archery. Dangerous, I thought. Again Roy's were awesome, and The Warehouse boys fucking rocked like. It was a great set. On the drive home, previously excellent chauffeur Victoria Aitchison brutally ran down a bunny rabbit and for the next minute or so proceeded to laugh about it hysterically.

Went out on the saturday, danced to Mr P in The Barrels. Cooshty.

I considered buying an Akai drum machine, I then remembered I have no musical talent and it would be pointless.

Tuesday, went for a couple of peeves at the Leapo, ended up doing Archery in Somerfield car park. After that, headed round to Xennon's, had a little preview of The Loc Lounge 2, it's looking seriously good. I can't wait for its big screen debut (The Maltings, 27th July). I was then persuaded to stay and watch WWE's latest pay per view, Money In The Bank. It was my first PPV i've ever seen. I am addicted. CM Punk is fucking awesome.

I'm packing my bags, off to the US to don the spandex and try my luck at being the next Jeff Hardy...

Friday, 15 July 2011

Here is some stuff...

...what you should go to.

First of all, Rowchester Festival looks pretty awesome doesn't it. Especially tonights line up. Roy's Iron DNA and The Warehouse Announcement both playing. I'm going and I can't wait for it. Unfortunately I also have to come home tonight, so I will miss the big saturday headliners The Futureheads. Imagine that, The Futureheads in the borders...

And then, a week today we have what is sure to be a very sad moment but also a cracking good night. Won Mississippi will play their last show ever, bit of a catch 22 - I can't wait for it, but I also don't want it to happen really. If you know what I mean. They will be joined by the magnificent (featured in Issue 01) Old Bones, so it looks set to be a cracking night at The Maltings.

After that, Wednesday 27th July takes us back to The Maltings for the first in Travelled Music's Niche Wednesdays film project. First up it's 24 Hour Party People, the story of "Madchester" and all that patter innit. Coogan at his best? I think so. BUT, as hard as it is to believe, that is not the most exciting part of the evening. Yes, for The Loc Lounge Episode 2 will premier before 24 hour party people! Brilliant news, it's up on the big screen and i'm sure not for the last time. Get yourself along for the hilarity and awesome music. From Robert, Knox and Wise to the likes of Joy Division and The Happy Mondays. Coosty.

Come Saturday 30th, come another shit hot night. The Warehouse Announcement album launch. And the lads are being supported by Le Woodsmen and Espionage of The Loc. Not a bad line up eh!? You'd be a crazy bastard to miss any of these ones like. Get along, satisfaction guaranteed.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Close Season...

Right, it's been a while since we posted here. Thought we'd have a bit of a break. Issue 01 is out and about, you can pick up a copy in various places around berwick.

To the important stuff... Football. It has been an interesting close season so far, especially from my position as a Man Utd fan. It's exciting that we've splashed the cash a bit, on Ashley Young, Phil Jones and big Dave De Gea. But i'm still worried about the hole in the middle of our midfield. I won't be so worried if Darren Fletcher gets back to his best, but there's no guarantee that will happen. Carrick has been brilliant, I don't care what anyone says. And with the abundance of wide players we now have, maybe Sir Alex is looking to use Young in a more central role? We shall see. The signing of Samir Nasri would put me more at ease than the signing of Wesley Sneijder I think, but at this moment in time it seems the latter is the more likely of the two to happen. 

Elsewhere in the market, eventually Liverpool snapped up Charlie Adam. It'll probably turn out to be a good signing, but he's not going to be the centre of the team like he was at Blackpool, so that'll be interesting to see what happens. Their new away shirt also looks like an Everton one...

Arsenal looked at one point to be losing every decent player on their books, but that's all calmed down a bit now. Sagna now has competition for worst hair in the PL from Gervinho.

Tevez is the subject of a reported £35 million bid from Corinthians. Har Har City.

Newcastle signed Big Demba Ba, and some other players. But sold Kevin Nolan? I don't understand that one. But they do have a brilliant new away kit. Bright orange and black. But by far the most interesting new strip, is the one Tim Howard has been sentenced to wear. 

He's American so probably likes that kind of thing and guns and stuff...

That has a rival though, in the new England keeper top. It's fucking brilliant.