Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Trip Issue 02

The time has come. Issue 02 has been sent to the printers, full of shit... amazing shit.

We launch on the 22nd October down at The Barrels, and it's set to be a pretty fuckin' A night. Two of The Trip's bestest friends Roy's Iron DNA and Acrylic are going to DJ for us, so put on the dancing shoes and all of that. Shapes will be thrown.

No doubt, there shall be many an alcoholic beverage consumed, many a local celebrity will be in attendance and a many a free magazine shall be given away. Come down, bring all your friends. It's hard making a magazine you know, the more people there to tell us how well we've done the better.....

See you and every single person you know down there then!


  1. Where can i get a copy?

  2. Just at The Barrels at the minute. We'll be shipping more out to other places on Saturday!

  3. That's completely shit.

  4. Well, not really. There's plenty of them availiable at Barrels!

  5. Never again will I enter that shithole> Get them in other places. Now...

  6. Hi Bud.

    I have been looking for a link to an email address to contact you personally. Not good if anyone wanted to offer some info, maybe I'm missing something but I cant find it. Can you send me your email addy to: because I want to discuss something with you that could be of interest.

    This is not a scam I'm a professional photographer and I own a gallery in Eyemouth.