Sunday, 16 October 2011

Gunsgreen House? Where?

Appreciating what’s on your own doorstep. Not a difficult concept really, but something that a lot of us fall short of. 

I plead guilty too. I have to say that my youth was spent daydreaming of far-away cities that held the fluorescence and opportunity that my seemingly dull hometown lacked. But with a few more years of life experience under my belt, I’ve found myself emerged in a world of talent, passion and forward thinking companies. And yup, it’s in that same old part of the world that I learnt to tie my shoes.

Berwick and the borders seems to me a flourishing area, in which more and more talented young people are putting their minds to making the most of their roots. Fashion shows, magazines, promotion companies, music nights, radio stations; all of these have been started by people I know and grew up around. And they’re bloody good at it too.  

So where do I fit into this picture? The reason I’m writing this is that I have just taken up a new position of Events and Promotions Officer at Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth. Any locals reading this, it’s that big house on the harbour in Eyemouth that you’ve probably walked past a million times, but may not have been in. The house is bursting with potential; it’s a museum, a holiday-home, a wedding venue, a place to hold parties, concerts, dinners….I won’t go on all day, you get the idea. The possibilities are pretty much endless. One thing I’ve noticed is that we get a lot of kids through our doors, and a lot of older people too. I’m making it my mission to capture the generations in-between, and get them involved in what is both a piece of local history, and of local future. 

The historic interiors are ideal for fashion shoots for example and the space is great for an alternative music venue. It’s so important for us, the sensibles of the distant future, to get involved in places like Gunsgreen, and bridge the generation gap so that they don’t get lost in the web of time. 

After all, you can’t complain about that naff little hometown of yours if you don’t work towards making it better. Look at what’s sitting on your doorstep, I’ll bet there’s some golden opportunities just waiting to be explored.

Kara ter Morsche

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  1. Aye we all need to push these things like. get behind them & it will benefit all of us.