Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Zeitgeist, WWE, Deadmau5, Akai and Archery

Alright? How's it gain like? Aye no bad eh.

Been a good last few weeks and that. I'll start with Roy's Iron DNA's first gig back. Electric Circus Edinburgh was the venue, great little place that, I'd advise visiting if you've never been before. It's just beside the Dungeons. Drinks are a little expensive mind, £3.50 for a single vodka and coke?! Fuckin hell man. Anyways, there were a couple of acts on before the Roy's boys. A lad I didn't manage to catch the name of, and the very beautiful indeed Nina Nesbitt. She played some pretty little songs, including an acoustic cover of The Trip regular Jessie J's 'Do It Like A Dude'. Hip. If you somehow stumble across this Nina, give me a call or something aye? Cheers.

As Roy's were setting up, I became aware of a problem; directly in front of the stage it was all tables... No room for dancing? That would not do, not at all. Us Berwickers managed to find a spot at the back for shape throwing when it all kicked off. You could see the lads were nervous, you would be for your first gig with a new line up. They needn't have been though, it was brilliant. There was a special moment half way through the first song, where Ian and Callum looked at each other, and smiled as they knew it was all going to be great, brought a tear to me eye... Many extravagant shapes were put down, and for the last two songs we pushed to the front. 'That One Xennon Made A Video For' and 'The Catchy One They Finish With' (or 'Dreaming' and 'If I Get The Time') were both awesome, seriously fucking good like.

Through the week I got back into the Zeitgeist films and started to hate the world again... I was quickly snapped out of it when Michael Owen scored the first goal of Man Utd's pre season regime, he's gonna have a good one this season. I can feel it in my piss.

I also re-discovered this song:

Aye it's good. So is this remix:

One week on and I was off to see RIDNA again. This time at The Rowchester Festival, along with The Warehouse Announcement. It was pissing down, windy and cold. So we sat in TWA's van, drinking and being amazed by Mabel the dog. Brendan of Espionage and RIDNA also told us about crashing his bosses Range Rover & his new hobby; archery. Dangerous, I thought. Again Roy's were awesome, and The Warehouse boys fucking rocked like. It was a great set. On the drive home, previously excellent chauffeur Victoria Aitchison brutally ran down a bunny rabbit and for the next minute or so proceeded to laugh about it hysterically.

Went out on the saturday, danced to Mr P in The Barrels. Cooshty.

I considered buying an Akai drum machine, I then remembered I have no musical talent and it would be pointless.

Tuesday, went for a couple of peeves at the Leapo, ended up doing Archery in Somerfield car park. After that, headed round to Xennon's, had a little preview of The Loc Lounge 2, it's looking seriously good. I can't wait for its big screen debut (The Maltings, 27th July). I was then persuaded to stay and watch WWE's latest pay per view, Money In The Bank. It was my first PPV i've ever seen. I am addicted. CM Punk is fucking awesome.

I'm packing my bags, off to the US to don the spandex and try my luck at being the next Jeff Hardy...

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