Monday, 24 October 2011

Ben Howard 'Every Kingdom'

Ben Howard is nice isn't he. His music is really nice. And by the sounds of this interview he's a nice bloke too. You can grab his debut album 'Every Kingdom' right now. Go on, right now. It really is worth it folks. Go out to the shops and get it too, the packaging is also rather nice. 'The Wolves' is one of our favourites from the album...

Alan Thompson from our friends at Travelled Music had a wee chat with the man himself...

Hi Ben, your debut album 'Every Kingdom' has just been released through Island Records, charting at Number 7. You are currently on a sold out tour of the UK. Congratulations! Would you describe this as an overnight success or a hard-fought victory?
Thank you! It's been a long trip and there's definitely been a lot of hard work put in so it hasn't been overnight but it's never felt like a battle. The whole thing's been such a mad experience for all of us and we've come across a hell of a lot of good people since the beginning. Yeah, number seven is a bit out of the blue though!
Your tour takes you you to Newcastle on Saturday 29th October before crossing the border into Scotland (passed Berwick upon Tweed) to play Aberdeen (Sunday 30th) and Glasgow (Monday 31st). For any of our readers that may have a ticket, what can we expect from the show?
The shows become a real mix up of tunes, it often depends on how we're feeling. Sometimes there's a few more quiet ones and it gets quite intense but there's always some solid upbeat tunes nearer the end.
Bob Dylan has been mentioned as an influence on your music. Mr. Dylan is still touring the world at age 70. Struggling to play guitar due to arthritis and unable to hit the high notes. Would you like to be on the road, playing shows when you are able to claim a pension?
The road gets pretty addictive, you never know really. I'd like to think i'd be travelling some remote places trying to stay by the sea, i'll always play music but i doubt i'll still subject people to it when i'm old. I remember seeing John Martyn play before he died and that was just depressing.
Can you tell us about any other musical influences or people that have influenced your life? If you and your music could influence a new generation what kind of effect would you like to have on the world?
I've always been influenced by passionate people, Richie Havens and John Martyn have always had a heavy hold on me. I don't know if i'd like to be looked up to too much, i love the idea that music can really mould your memories and can really become a time and a place, if the music can become part of good memories for others then that's an impact i'd be really happy with.
The Trip Magazine is based in the small coastal town of Berwick upon Tweed in the North East of England. Is it true that you started your musical career in Falmouth, a small coastal town in the South West of England? What advice would you give any musicians trying to break out of a small town?
Yeah i studied in Falmouth and that's when i started playing open mics and small gigs. I think the best advice is just to get out there and play, coming out of a small town you've got to travel, you've got to do your time in all the shitty London pubs and you've got to have the right attitude. Never play music in order to 'make it', you play all those crazy open mics and backward places because it's a wild time and you'll always enjoy it.
You champion 'Surfers Against Sewage' on your website and have a strong fanbase in the UK surf scene. have you ever surfed at Coldingham Bay near Berwick? Where is your favourite place to surf?
Surfers Against Sewage are legends, i've got a lot of time for those guys and their constant campaigning. No i've never surfer Coldingham, i've surfed South of there and it's a great part of the world for waves and people. I've got a few favourite coves down in the South West, there's a little spot right by a golf course that'll always have a special place in my heart!


  1. Cool that you got him on here man. He's awesomes

  2. Who the fuck is Ben Howard?

  3. Never mind who is he, why is he on a blog promoting Berwick's music?!

  4. This blog promotes good music. People who come to the blog because they see Ben Howard will then hopefully be made aware of our local bands.

    Plus Ben Howard is a fucking cool dude and his album is awesome. So shut your mouth dick'ead.

  5. em, 'The Impaler'? What the fuck is that about?

    But your theory works i suppose.

    We'll put up here anythinmg we like. Don't like it don't visit.