Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday...

Friday evening saw a busy night in ol' Berwick. Firstly, highly anticipated Runway EDIT//.; @Charlotteaurora's fashion show/dance show at The Maltings. The show was sold out, and so as a 'model' I was shitting my pants. All was well, it was marvellous.

The brilliant outfits, created by up and coming designers in the North East, were worn fantastically by the models, and the atmosphere was electric. I have to admit, the soundtrack was superbly selected. It brought the whole night together and added an even more professional air to the whole spectacle. I couldn't help but throw some of my ridiculous (and patented, so don't even think about it) shapes whilst waiting to walk my walk (also patented, i'll sue. Seriously). Especially to Jamie XX's rework of Adele.

Thankfully no-one fell on the runway, all the models were brilliant and the evening went swimmingly. No hiccups what so ever. Massive well done Charlotte Summers, lets hope it happens again.

Into the bar to celebrate. Couple of Disaronnos and upstairs to the new Henry Travers Studio to see the brilliant Pilots and the also brilliant Won Mississippi. Next, down to Barrels to see Espionage of The Loc and Vinyl Jacket. Espionage down to a 3 piece again, played a pretty awesome set nailing their usual high energy antics. Vinyl Jacket were amazingly tight, and played some top quality tunes. Hope their rumoured Loc Lounge appearance goes ahead. I also managed to catch a word with Roy's Iron DNA's frontman, Ian Thompson, who confirmed the new album is almost done. Hopefully we'll be able to grab some tunes from it to showcase.

Everyone seemed to disappear and Berwick was back to its usual ghost town feeling. Which was a shame because the boys of Acrylic were on in Cashmere playing some belting soul tunes. Sadly, the venue didn't deliver on it's promises of cheap entry and drinks, and weren't too happy with the songs the lads were playing. Not the best. Hopefully we'll see them back on their own terms in Barrels soon though.


  1. Cheers for the mention dude! On the strength of this I really wish we'd sacked cashmere off and come down to The Maltings, learn from our mistakes though! Gonna try and get in Barrells in June!

  2. Charlotte Summers20 April 2011 at 04:08

    Soundtrack...copies on request! Thanks for the lovely write up. Looking forward to seeing the Berwick Advertiser's view on it tomorrow.

  3. Yes it will be interesting. Surely only good things to say about it? But you know what they're like...

    Well we'll be there whenever Runway EDIT//. and Acrylic happen again. Can't wait!

  4. And perhaps some Charlotte Summers photographs soon?

  5. Runway edit was an amazing night. Surprisingly a rather good write up in Advertiser! Wasn't expecting that from that miserable bunch.

  6. Charlotte post some photos on here man. Chris sort out another Barrels night asap.

  7. Charlotte Summers27 April 2011 at 03:06

    Haha anonymous! I'll think about it man.