Wednesday, 13 April 2011


The brilliant brought our attention to this, Popshot Issue 5

Poetry and illustration remain tricky subjects to cover in any medium, but Popshot magazine continues to celebrate both with issue five out now.

The Childhood Issue follows the same format as previous ones, with each poem combined with a commissioned illustration on a spread. Poetry has always been a hard subject to enjoy for some people, but this publication makes it a lot easier to access.

There's also a profile of London-based illustrators Peepshow Collective, and an interview with Mr Bingo. Another great piece of editorial work.


  1. I dunno where the hell you hear about all these magazines? Well my appreciation of them and interest in them has certainly increased since reading your blog. Bought an issue of icon the other day, love it mate.

  2. Ahh icon, one of our favourites. Great magazine.

    Well we just keep our eyes open, check hundreds of websites, and like it says in this article, check Thats one of the best blogs out there!