Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Welcome to It’s going to bring you a whole variety of art, design, photography, articles on subjects from cricket to current world affairs to our favourite cocktails. We’ll tell you our favourite places to go, our new favourite albums and the best magazines and books out there.

Located in the North East of England at the minute, you might find a lot of our content is based around this area, but we’re trying our best to branch out! Anyone can get involved in any way they want, just drop an email to and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can. We’ll feature pretty much anything thats the slightest bit interesting.

Lots of people have already put their names forward to get involved. James “Wedge” Allan will be writing down his thoughts and showing us some cool shit he finds, Graham Harris will be giving us a more experienced view on life and possibly a peek through the keyhole into that great friend of ours the USA, we’ll have some photography from Charlotte Summers and Daniel Lee Cox, who’s music will also more than likely be featured here at some point. Laura Steven will provide some fine journalism, and Jack Webster will be bringing us his views on the world of sport. This is just a start, we’ve got much more in the pipeline. 

We’re a mere blog at this moment in time, but we’ve got big plans. The big idea is to eventually move on and produce a printed and published magazine, The Trip. We’re currently trying to find help to develop our own site, its proving difficult but we’re getting there.  We’ve got a long way to go, but as Robert J. Hastings said “Sooner or later we must realise there is no station, no one place we must arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip.”

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