Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Team Evil's Cassette Tape Magazine

Cassette Tape Magazine is described by its creators Team Evil, as a "monstrously impractical publishing venture". If the name doesn't explain the concept clearly enough for you, it is a magazine inside a cassette tape box, hope that clears up the confusion there. I got my copy the other day, and its fantastic, if not disappointingly short, who am I to question such items of greatness though. There's ten articles in total, my favourite being number 04, a teaser for Team Evil #5, where they "explain every major war of the 20th Century in abridged form. While drunk." Can't wait for the full article.

All the pieces come from the Team's website which is regularly updated by the founder Mikolai Napieralski. I recently interviewed the chap on why he thought printed magazines were still being published, and his answers were great. He summed it up saying this, "It all comes back to having a physical, tangible product in your hands. Technically, I could store every book, album, videogame in my house on one laptop, but that would make for a pretty depressing house. Tangible products add character to our world in way that computers can’t, that’s why we keep buying them… at least those of us old enough to remember having them around."

Get your hands on one of these, I don't think they'll be available for purchase much longer.

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